A simple act of kindness | The story behind Lara Quin

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 Lara Quin - a collection of luxury scented candles, long-lasting reed diffusers, room fragrance and candle gift sets - hand-poured in England and infused with crystal essence.

Named after one woman's 'Simple act of Kindness' all Lara Quin items are blended with the essence of Gemstones to add an extra sprinkle of Love + Happiness.

 A true story....

At about 8-months pregnant and having had some devastating news, I sat crying quietly in a corner of the train station coffee shop. 

A woman, with a kind smile, tapped me on the shoulder and gave me a huge cup of hot chocolate and proceeded to embrace me in a giant bear hug. She didn't ask what was wrong, just simply told me that everything would be a little brighter tomorrow. Her name was Lara Quin.

It's amazing how such a simple act of kindness could really lift someone's spirits and i've never forgotten her. 

So wherever you are in the world Lara Quin, thank you. This one's for you.


Our ethos

We pride ourselves on the quality of our home fragrance collections. We only use the finest ingredients and maximum amount of home scents in all our products to give you long lasting fragrance throughout your home.

Our entire range is proudly hand poured in England and arrives beautifully gift wrapped in our signature Rose Gold + Grey gift boxes with attention taken to every little detail.

Using our unique blend of soy wax, cotton wicks, essential oils and fragrance, & eco-friendly bases our luxury candles, reed diffusers and candle gift sets that complete our room fragrance collection, will not only smell beautiful and burn cleanly, but do the job it is designed for, make your entire room smell of a beautiful fragrance.