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  • 6 scents to help you de-stress

    Sometimes life can feel a bit overwhelming - stress, motherhood, poor sleep... not to mention running your own business! Yet I am constantly amazed by the tranformational properties of aromatherapy. Blended properly, using high-grade oils the therapeutic benefits can be properly mood-changing. Wh... View Post
  • Outdoor Dining | Garden inspiration

    Have you heard the (possibly over-enthusiastic rumour) that this weather is set to last until October? I for one am whole-heartedly believing the weather man and making the most of it whilst it lasts - we seem to have slowly decamped our living room outside and I love it; from a wander around the... View Post
  • Candle care - how to get your candle to burn perfectly

    Too much smoke? Wax melting unevenly? Consider this your luxury scented candle 101 - we are perfectionists at Lara Quin and take our home fragrance very seriously. After hand pouring and blending our candles to create the ultimate home fragrance collection - we want you to get the best out of you... View Post