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Gifts for her | Valentine's Day

I think the worst, and quite possibly the best Valentine's gift I ever received was a Christmas cracker style plastic ring with a proposal of marriage. 

I said no. The boy was a Jehovah's witness and I didn't think we would be allowed to marry, I couldn't see a future. I was 6 years old! 

Decadent Pink Roses By Philippa Craddock

Valentine's day gifts have changed a lot since those cute innocent days. The standard thinking now amongst many men now seems to be Valentine's Day is just a commercialisation fest. They don't like to be told when to profess their undying love blah blah blah. They'd rather send you flowers on any other day of the year than the 14th of February? And then of course they don't, because they forgot:/ 

Well, I say bring on Valentine's day in all it's commercial, overbearing glory and show me the flowers, chocolates and dancing telegrams with a side order of new shoes pretty please!

Love Box by Rockbox

Yes it may be commercial, and yes it's completely ridiculous to be told what day of the year to show your love, but I can honestly say I don't think there's a female or male out there that would begrudge a gift on Valentine's Day?

Everyone wants to be loved, it's human nature. And everyone likes to be reminded however big or small that declaration may be. And lets be honest, without that little nudge once a year who knows when we'd have a day to feel spoilt! The Little Box Of Love by Lara Quin at John Lewis

And you don't need to spend a fortune either, in my humble opinion Valentine's Day is the one day when truly, it really is the thought that counts:) But if Brad Pitt cared to swing by Golden Goose and treat me to a pair of Bobby Dazzler sneakers, well, that would be absolutely fine too:)

So in the spirit of throwing too cool for school out the window and showing your love and appreciation without restraint, here's my selection of the perfect Valentine's gifts. And if you really must feel pessimistic about the whole affair, just think about all the brownie points you'll accumulate! 

Jess x 

Love Cocoa Valentine's Chocolate Gift Sets.

Lara Quin Luxury Gift Subscription

Chanel Book Set of 3 from Pad Lifestyle

Mini Concrete & Gold Planter from Southwood Stores

Valentine's Gifts from Philippa Craddock

LOVE sweater by Sundry Clothing at Questa

Luxury socks by Genevieve Sweeney

LOVE Rocks by Rockbox

Little Box Of Love | by Lara Quin

Golden Goose Slides at Net-A-Porter










  • Posted by Julia Rose on

    Great post and fabulous edit!!! ❤️

  • Posted by Emma on

    Couldn’t agree more! Bring it on! I can’t think of anything better than celebrating love on a special day, I love a good festival. Valentines Day, Shrove Tuesday, Christmas. Love’em all! Spread the love ❤️? Xxx

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