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  • EDIT: Best gift subscriptions

    Gift subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving. I love the idea that each month someone you care about gets a little love token through the post from you, rather than just once a year on their birthday or Christmas. Here are some of my favourites for girlfriends, kids and partners: Succule... View Post
  • Rich Damson and Ruby - a fragrance story

    One of our newest fragrance blends for Summer 2018 is 'Ruby and Rich Damson'. In a series of posts I want to share with you a bit more of the story behind each home fragrance; the inspiration, how I came up with the essential oil blends and a bit more about the crystals I infuse in each Lara Quin... View Post
  • Home fragrances for each room in your home

    Last week we looked at the different crystals that we infuse in our luxury scented candles and long-lasting reed diffusers. Today I want to share some ideas about how to 'fragrance zone' your home - which scent collections work well in different rooms to fill your living space with beautiful frag... View Post