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Rich Damson and Ruby - a fragrance story

One of our newest fragrance blends for Summer 2018 is 'Ruby and Rich Damson'. In a series of posts I want to share with you a bit more of the story behind each home fragrance; the inspiration, how I came up with the essential oil blends and a bit more about the crystals I infuse in each Lara Quin candle and reed diffuser.

I have wanted to add a fruity profile fragrance to the collection for a while but didn't want it to be something sweet and cloying. I wanted something rich, grown-up with deep, lingering notes. 
I've always loved cassis as a home fragrance scent and the greenness of fig is the perfect pairing for the deep berry richness of blackcurrant and perfumed sweetness of damson. 

Orris is prepared from the root of the Iris plant, adding a botanical balance to the fruity top notes - there is a lingering, cosy sandalwood base with creamy coconut to round-out the fresh, fruity blend. Although on paper, it sounds quite a cosy autumnal fragrance, to me it's a gorgeous one for those who want something that feels organic and botanical - but not floral. 

I hand-pick the best essential oils out there when sourcing fragrances for our new home fragrance blends. It can take time to find the perfect balance between notes and hit that fragrance 'sweet spot'. We're all seeking that Holy Grail of 'room filling fragrance' when it comes to candles and I would always say, the difference between a candle that does just that and one that might look great but you have to be stood on top of to catch the scent, is both the quality of oils and the concentration. I add up to double the quantity of many 'luxury candle brands', giving a perfume like quality to our fragrance profiles.

The final signature touch is the infusion of Ruby gemstone essence - you can read our modern guide to crystals on the blog, but Ruby is renowed for its properties to help balance the heart and bring joy and courage 
- a great gift for those feeling overwhelmed, or in need of some support. Or perhaps a new mum gift? 'Joy and Courage' pretty much sums up motherhood to me!

cassis, damson and fig scented candle
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Main image credit: Iulia Mihailov on Unsplash

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