| Jessica Seaman

Home fragrances for each room in your home

Last week we looked at the different crystals that we infuse in our luxury scented candles and long-lasting reed diffusers. Today I want to share some ideas about how to 'fragrance zone' your home - which scent collections work well in different rooms to fill your living space with beautiful fragrances that last.

I think the marker of a good candle is the feedback we get from customers of how amazing our candles smell - without even being lit! This is due to the high quality and concentration of oils we use and when burning, the impressive 'scent throw' is all thanks to the superior grade soy wax that gives a long, slow burn that diffuses the fragrance throughout the room.

Here are some ideas of fragrances to use throughout your home:

Kitchen - If you've got a pet or want something to lift strong foodie smells - our Quartz orange and nutmeg has been reblended for summer to give a zesty, fresh citrus fragrance that works brilliantly in a kitchen.

Bathroom - This is a tricky one; for mornings I always recommend the Sonora Sunrise as it is so fresh and awakening, plus Sonora Sunrise crystal is all about new beginnings - a great positive start to the day! For evenings when I want a relaxing soak in the tub, I like to burn Smoky Quartz and Coco Fig. Fig is a classic bathroom scent and smoky quartz is great for releasing toxins and helping welcome deep sleep.

Bedroom - For me, it has to be Rose Quartz and Jasmine Orchid for the bedroom. It is a beautiful, pretty fragrance that isn't too overpowering - which I love to wake up to. Plus Rose Quartz is all about unconditional love, which I think is a powerful thing to surround yourself with, whilst you sleep.


Living space - For the living room I always have the Smoky Quartz and Cedar on the go - it's such a cosy, homely scent whenever I smell it, I get that 'aaaaahhh' feeling. Smoky Quartz is also grounding and protecting, I love creating that feeling of sanctuary in my home.

Hallway - I always recommend Amethyst and Mimosa Lily for any entrance way - it gives that feeling of 'fresh cut flowers' - delicate and floral and welcoming. I love it.

Desk/workspace - Quartz orange is a powerhouse for creativity, so our Quartz Orange and Nutmeg is a great uplifting fragrance to have around your workspace. It's also great for drawing off negative energy, so great for balancing out stress!

I hope these ideas have helped you choose the right Lara Quin fragrance for your home - if you need any other suggestions, just drop them into the comments below!


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