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A modern guide to crystals

Whether worn as jewellery, by our bedside, workspace or in our case, infused in our candles - more and more people are harnessing the power of crystals and I wanted to give you a bit of an insight into why we include them in our fragrance blends at Lara Quin.

Of course, as a home fragrance brand, our candles and reed diffusers smell amazing but I wanted them to be more than just a room fragrance, so I created fragrance blends that infuse every Lara Quin product with crystal essence to bring their healing qualities into your home.

You can read more about the story behind Lara Quin here but whether you 'believe' in the energy of crystals, the simple notion of the positive intentions and affirmations that are hand-poured into each blend is powerful in itself.

Crystals carry different energies and a bit like aromatherapy oils, imbue different qualities - here's a bit of a guide to the crystals we use and why...

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Sonora Sunrise
One of my favourite gemstones, known for its array of wonderful healing properties. To give hope, love and courage for new beginnings.

Perfect for: New home gifting, new job, new mums - any time you want to send love and support to some one as they start a new chapter in their life.

Rose Quartz
Often referred to as the stone of 'gentle love' - rose quartz is calming and linked to the heart chakra for unconditional love and happiness. It's a great one for bringing self-love, acceptance, peace and 'letting go'.

Perfect for: anyone who needs a hug! If you can't deliver one in person, this is a create substitute. Also fab for weddings, Valentine's or just sharing a little love.

This gorgeous gem is full of joy and courage - one to 're-charge' the positivity bank and put the fire back in your belly.

Perfect for: that someone who needs a boost, fortifying and the feeling of 'I've got you'.

Crystal Quartz
Is often referred to as the 'universal healer' - great for balance negative energy and revitalise, relax and heal.

Perfect for: A 'get well gift', or simply for the home when you want to create a positive, relaxing environment. 

Smoky Quartz
Is great to help you elevate your mood, yet keep you grounded and balanced.

Perfect for:
Anyone looking to break a negative thought pattern or help relieve stress and fear. The gemstone thought to help those with sleep problems and insomnia. Great for detoxifying, too.

This soothing gemstone is thought to help heal the mind, body and soul.

Perfect for: This ultra calming and stress-busting gemstone candle is a great one for the bedroom to help relax and boost positivity.

If you are interested in reading or learning more about crystal healing, Yulia Van Doren's 'Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing' is a great, practical guide through the different crystals, where best to position them in their home, cleanse them and how to find the perfect pairing for you.

crystals a modern guide to crystal healing

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