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Candle accessories - for the ultimate candle lover

As you might have twigged by now - we are just a little bit candle obsessed at Lara Quin - creating the best quality scented candles is something we take very seriously - hand-pouring each one and infusing them with crystal essence.

If you're a candle connoisseur like us, chances are this shopping edit is for you: a round-up of some beautiful candle accessories:

I love the brushed brass handle on this glass candle cloche - perfect for keeping any dust or impurities out of your candle (you can read more candle care tips here). Main pic - candle cloche, £60, L'Objet

silver candle lid

 You can have this silver candle lid engraved with the message of your choice, I think I'd pick 'come on baby, light my fire' - or perhaps 'light a fire they can't put out'... what would you choose? Engraved candle lid, £13, Spoon Queen


candle wick trimmer

It's important to trim your wick back to 3-5mm before each use to avoid a sooty, uneven burn. This wick trimmer from The White Company does the job perfectly. Wick Trimmer, £15, The White Company

brass candle snuffer

Unless it's your birthday, refrain from blowing out your candle as it causes wax to splatter on your votive. Use this smart, brass snuffer instead. Candle snuffer, £12, Rowen & Wren

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